Hunan Senria Sports Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Yueyang, Hunan, with an investment of 150 million yuan to build a new material production and research base for Senria Sports, and established Hunan Senria Polymer Materials Research Institute and Hunan Senria Polymer Material Testing Center. It is currently the largest domestic real estate research base for synthetic material surface sports fields with the most complete production varieties and the highest degree of automation.
      Since the birth of Fujian Aomeica International Sports in 1995, to the establishment of Hunan Senria Sports Industry Co., Ltd., for more than 20 years, Senria people have never forgotten their original aspirations and insisted on creating environmentally friendly, healthy and green synthetic material surface sports. The site is our responsibility. The high-quality professional R&D and quality inspection team headed by Chairman Guo Heping has declared and obtained more than ten national invention patents. Relying on invention patent technology and three fully automatic CNC production lines, it produces prefabricated rubber track coils. , TPV runway coils, TPV surface layer particles, polyurethane plastic runway materials, silicon PU stadium materials, EPDM rubber particles, polyurethane fitness trails, prefabricated rubber trails and other sports and fitness synthetic surface materials. Now it has developed into a "one-stop sports venue materials, engineering, and service" national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, design, construction and after-sales. In order to introduce advanced international synthetic material surface sports venues new technology, Hunan Senria Sports has fully cooperated with Holland Company (English name: Herculan) to provide technical support to each other and become the company's only authorized import of Holland Stadium. And the company that pave the sports field of synthetic material surface layer of the runway in China.
      Hunan Senria Sports has always been adhering to the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development. The synthetic material surface sports venues produced are all made of natural and environmentally friendly raw materials. The products are healthy and environmentally friendly and can be recycled, in line with low-carbon, green and renewable materials. the concept of. Strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality management system standard and ISO14001 international environmental management system standard during the whole production process. The carefully developed synthetic material surface sports field series products have been approved by the IAAF, China Athletics Association, China Quality Inspection, and SGS. The authoritative third-party testing organization of the company has rigorously tested, and the performance of all products meets the new national standard of GB36246-2018 "Synthetic material surface sports venues for primary and secondary schools". The sports venues paved by  Senria Sports products have reached the high-quality level, whether they have passed the IAAF venue certification or the venue certification accepted by the China Athletics Association!       Hunan  Senria Sports' products have radiated all over the country and have been exported to 13 countries in Asia and Europe. It has achieved sustainable development with environmentally friendly and healthy products, and has created a brand benchmark for China's sports industry!
Operations Center:
Room 1718, Building C2, Xuhui International Plaza, 220 Labor East Road, Yuhua District, Changsha City
Production Research Center:
New Material Industrial Park, Lingang Industrial Zone, Xingang District, Chenglingji, Yueyang City
0731- 84501508
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