Product features of semi-prefabricated runway coils
(Strictly implement the new national standard GB 36246-2018)
Product Description
Semi-prefabricated runway coils are divided into upper and lower layers. The upper layer is a flat and dense structure with a depth of 3~5mm TPV or EPDM colored particles, which provides the friction and elasticity required by the runway; the lower layer is a grid with a depth of 8-10mm with an inclination angle. The frame structure provides the shock absorption and main elasticity required by the runway. The feature of this structure is that it can relatively condense the scattered reflection force, and act on the athlete at an angle in line with the forward direction of the athlete to improve the sports performance.
The surface layer is made of polyurethane plastic track material, which has strong anti-skid and wear-resistant properties
Super abrasion resistance
The surface adopts particle spraying or particle scattering construction technology, which has a special anti-skid effect to ensure the safety of users; and it is green and environmentally friendly, which is conducive to the exercise of athletes.
It has strong UV resistance and high temperature resistance, and is not affected by climate change
Excellent weather resistance
Semi-prefabricated runway coils have excellent weather resistance, their sports performance will not be affected by any weather factors, have strong aging resistance, and are not easy to fade.
Prefabricated, uniform performance, high resilience
High resilience
The lower structure of the semi-prefabricated runway coil is a checkered frame rubber coil, which is prefabricated in the factory. It combines shock absorption performance and energy return (rebound) performance to ensure that users will not experience fatigue damage during long-term training. The safety of users is largely guaranteed.
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